Keep your 6-16 year olds busy solving Bebra’s puzzles

In the past months all schools were closed and all children had to work from home under guidance of their parents. This was a huge challenge for both parents and children. As a parent you are not trained to be a teacher… How do you keep your children busy? How do you avoid endless hours in front of the TV?

Bebra the beaver can help! Bebra is a very busy beaver and she loves puzzles. There is a puzzle for every day but if you want to go faster and do multiple puzzles on the same day, you can…

Meanwhile you will learn about mathematics and programming in a playful manner… And guess what? It is fun for everyone, GIRLS and BOYS. You don’t have to be a nerd. You won’t even notice that the puzzles really are based upon common mathematical and programming techniques. The puzzles talk about thingsfrom everyday life such as plates, T-shirts, coins and ah yes pirates too…

Schools will gradually open in the coming weeks, but Bebra’s challenge will still be open for the remainder of the month… Normally the Beaver contest is run in the fall and children from a large number of schools in a large number of countries join the contest. They get help and support from their teachers.

Especially for the Corona crisis, Bebra’s challenge was opened. We are helping the team by adding explanations and links to make the puzzles self explanatory. Spread the news, make your children as enthusiast as we are! It is fun and it is very rewarding to do!


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