Don’t worry about the best-before-date

While going through the weeklies, my eye fell on a column by Liesbeth Wytzes in EW, entitled ‘Don’t worry about the best-before date’. Liesbeth gets a phonecall from one of her children asking advice on the expiration date of a product. She answers that before 1991 we used our noses to determine if a product … More Don’t worry about the best-before-date



When I was just hired, the project most people in the Uithoorn laboratory in the Netherlands were working on was the development and maintenance of DOS. Yes that means Disk Operating Systems and no, it was not the Microsoft system that ran on early PC’s. It ran on medium-range IBM mainframes, big blue boxes in … More Outstanding!

The pride

Many years ago, I guess it must have been around 2004, when we still used to organise large kick-off events at the start of the year I was invited to attend a kick-off event in the London Tower Thistle hotel next to Tower bridge. With two other technical women from my department I traveled from … More The pride

The no asshole rule

Although you would expect civilized behavior to be the standard in Western European corporate life, it is amazing how often people end up in abusive and intimidating situations at work. I captured some of the unpleasant incidents that I personally experienced in short case studies. The students of the ‘Taking the stage’ curriculum that we … More The no asshole rule